The Post-PhD Conversation


My PhD graduation.

This is the conversation you have with your partner, your PhD supervisor, your peers, mentors, sponsors, or those who have long ago finished their PhD.


It’s that conversation where you go in with the obvious question –

what do I want to do after my PhD?

– and come out with a plan.

Let’s look at what your conversation might be. Here are 5 options.

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The legacies of mentors

I sat with a colleague over lunch at the Australian Antarctic Division one day, and our conversation turned to our respective PhD’s and careers. Our PhD’s and undergraduate degrees were from different universities. We had different supervisors. We discussed who the mentors were in our lives.

This lunchtime conversation happened over 10 years ago and mentors have been a great feature of my career to date. Those I consider as my mentors may not realise the legacies they have left me. So, what are these legacies? Continue reading