Writing an academic book review


A few titles recently sent out for review

For a previous blog, I wrote about what it was like to be a book review editor for two ecological journals. I am constantly asked questions like: What is the process for writing an academic book review?  How does one choose a book to review? Which journal should it be published in? How does one write a book review?

The following three Parts give some answers to these questions. Whilst the reviews I commission and edit have an ecological flavour, the answers below can apply to all academic book reviews.

Part 1. Choosing the book.

Part 2. Selecting the journal.

Part 3. Writing the review.

Because this post is long, I have split it so you can skip sections. Read each Part, or select one to answer your question. Bookmark this blog and come back to it later. Overall, I hope you find what you read useful and/or stimulating for your next book review. Continue reading