Tachyglossus aculeatus (short beaked echidna).

Tachyglossus aculeatus (short beaked echidna). This image was taken in Tasmania on our property. I was able to crouch down and watch right beside the feeding frenzy, seeing as he/she was thoroughly enjoying the ants.


A close up of the ‘beak’ of the short beaked echidna. They don’t have teeth. Ants were crawling all over its body.


This image gives you an idea of just how close I was, and not once did the echidna burrow in fear of me.


The Tasmanian short beaked echidna is hairier than those of the species found on mainland Australia. Note the back leg and those claws, brilliantly designed for digging and burrowing. The waddle reminded me of when I learned of its pectoral girdle in 3rd year zoology.


Feeding over, it was time to wander back into the dry sclerophyll forest behind our house.


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